Pond Near Popular Dog Park In Fayetteville Closed After Testing Positive For Harmful Algae

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — A pond near Iams Dog Park in Bryce Davis Park has been closed after water samples showed harmful algae was in the water.

“A water sample taken from the pond in Bryce Davis Park showed 29 micrograms per liter of microcystin. This level requires public notification and signage at the location,” a press release from the City of Fayetteville stated.

Fayetteville city officials are urging parkgoers not to touch or drink the water. Since Iams Dog Park is located near the pond, city officials are also requesting park goers use caution with their dogs near the pond.

Microcystin is an algae toxin released during decay of some algae types when present in a large group (called a “bloom”). Rain and the resulting stormwater washes landscaping fertilizers into waterways. Fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous. Bodies of water with a high nutrient content – combined with warm temperatures – encourage rapid growth of algae, creating a harmful algae bloom (HAB). Exposure to HAB toxins occurs through skin contact, inhalation, and ingestion. Human and animal illnesses and symptoms can vary depending on how they were exposed, how long they were exposed, and which HAB toxin involved. If there is contact with the algae or water, it should be washed off immediately. Be cautious and watch for reaction symptoms. Contact a doctor or veterinarian if people or animals have nausea, rash, irritated eyes, seizures, breathing problems, or other unexplained illness. Report possible illness to the Arkansas Department of Health by email adh.epi.ts@arkansas.gov or call 501-280-0744.

Bryce Davis Park is located at 1595 N Dartmouth Ave. in Fayetteville off of the Wedington exit on I-49.

You can find out how to prevent water illnesses on the Arkansas Department of Health website.

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