Little Rock Zoo Reveals Baby Orangutan’s Name


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV)–The Little Rock Zoo’s first baby orangutan now has a name, and it’s all thanks to the public’s input.

The Zoo held a name reveal celebration Saturday afternoon. Parents and kids stood in awe at the zoo’s tiny new addition. And the baby’s dad got to reveal her new name by pulling a sign out of a box.

The sign revealed the name “Kasih,” which means love in Malay.

The Zoo released four name options, and people got to vote for which name they wanted the baby orangutan to have.

Great Ape Keepers said this is the Zoo’s first baby orangutan.

“They actually have a very long, slow childhood,” keeper Catherine Tidwell said. “They actually nurse for three to four years.”

Kasih’s birth came at the recommendation of the Orangutan Species Survival Plan—that program works toward species conservation.

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