Teen Surprises Little Brother in Costumes Every Day After School

CBS — When 12-year-old Max Tingle gets home from school every day, he knows to expect a surprise from his older brother, Noah. The big bro dresses up in a different wacky costume and greets Max as he gets off the school bus. It’s a silly tradition he started this year, and now it’s gaining traction online.

On the first day of the school year, the Louisiana high school senior ran outside to greet his baby brother as he came off the bus. He decided to do it again the next day, only this time, he dressed in a Santa Claus outfit. The costume understandably embarrassed Max, who tried to run away and avoid Noah.

Noah persisted, and every day since mid-August, he’s busted through the front door with a new costume on. He’s dressed as “Where’s Waldo,” a Minion, a farmer, a fireman, a gorilla and many other costumes.

Noah, who’s 17, started filming the bus stop surprises and posted them on a new Facebook page he created: “The Bus Brother.”

His after-school antics went viral, and people in the community started donating costumes so he could the tradition going, CBS affiliate WAFB reports.

Max said he thought it was weird at first to see his big brother dressed in his crazy costumes, “but now, I think it’s cool.”

It may have been embarrassing in the beginning, but Noah is just trying to make memories with his brother before he heads off to college next year.

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