Fayetteville Dog Owners React To Harmful Algae Found Near Popular Dog Park

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — Dog owners, a dangerous and sometimes fatal substance has been found at a popular park in Fayetteville.

Signs have been posted around the pond at Bryce Davis Park warning people to stay away after samples showed harmful algae in the water.

“It kind of scares me a little because of Jet, when he’s off his leash he’s always jumping into the pond like he can’t get enough of the pond, it concerns me a lot. It’s really scary," said dog owner Kennedy Hill.

Fayetteville city officials are saying do not touch or let your pet drink from the water.

A combination of stormwater and fertilizer plus warm temperatures cause the rapid growth of algae.

The sometimes lethal substance has already claimed the lives of dogs in Georgia, Texas and North Carolina.

“Ruby is very protective of me and I'm very protective of her. We go everywhere together and losing her would be a piece of my heart," said dog owner Madison Capps.

Iams Dog Park is very close to the pond.

Dog mom Terricka Williams didn’t know about the closure.

“He doesn’t really jump in big waters, he loves little puddles, so that might be a little bit of a problem especially since we come here a lot and we actually live by two bodies of water. So, that’s a little concerning," Williams said.

If you or your animal have been exposed to water from this pond and you or your dog starts to feel sick, contact a doctor or veterinarian immediately.

Earlier this summer toxic levels of algae were also found at Lake Fayetteville.

Before heading out to the lake or any body of water, visit The Arkansas Department of Health and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for tips on how to stay safe.

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