NWA Nonprofit Plans To Deploy To The East Coast For Dorian Relief

ROGERS, Ark. (KFSM)— A national nonprofit organization headquartered in Rogers is planning to deploy to the east coast to aid communities affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance had plans to leave Wednesday (Sept. 4) for Florida, but the storm changed its course. The group now believes the most impact from the storm will be in the Carolinas. They are tentatively planning to go there on Friday.

“Dorian from all reports is huge and powerful and destructive and unpredictable as any hurricane or any natural disaster. So watching that and seeing what kind of horrible damage it’s possible of and trying to predict that - you just really have to pay attention,” said Jayme Lingo, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Outreach Coordinator.

The group says they want to go to areas most impacted because that’s where they can be of most use to first responders in those areas.

“We never want to put our people in harm's way. It’s a long drive. We do have members in that region that are keeping an eye on things as well. We will ultimately make a decision on when we are going to deploy based on specific needs that our organization helps to provide,” said President and Founder of the organization, Lance Nutt.

On missions, they do whatever is needed, whether that be clearing roadways or bringing food and water to emergency personnel.

The organization is made up mostly of veterans who still have a passion for protecting Americans after their military days are over.

“Typically, the chaos that comes with a storm is very similar to a battlefield situation. It’s part of why us, as veterans and first responders, are always looking to continue serving. We’re familiar with chaotic situations, and we enjoy the challenge that comes with helping people in need,” said Nutt.

The group says Northwest Arkansans can help by offering them their continued supported and donating. Their most significant need for this mission is fuel, for their vehicles and for equipment.

If you would like to donate go to sheepdogia.org.

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