Science With Sabrina: Water Pollution With Springdale Schools

We love to visit our local creeks and rivers. However, you may not think about the water quality of them. In this week’s Science With Sabrina, Meteorologist Sabrina Bates goes on a field trip with the Springdale School District to see how they’re checking on water pollution.

The Illinois River Watershed Partnership (IRWP) has teamed up with Springdale School District Students in the EAST program. This specific project began about three years ago, but this is their last year visiting areas of Clear Creek in Johnson to monitor the stream for water quality. 

The students observe the appearance and stability of the stream, as well as inspect macroinvertebrates.

Casey Rector from IRWP explains that, "Some of those particular species are sensitive to pollution that's found in the water and some are not sensitive to it. So, when we go out and collect them, we are able to define what the community of macroinvertebrates looks like, and then based on that, we can tell what is the water quality based on the biology that is found in the stream."

If you're interested in improving the water quality of your area, you can visit the Illinois River Watershed Partnership to volunteer.

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