Plans For New Fayetteville Police Department HQ Move Forward

FAYETTEVILLE(KFSM) — Plans are moving forward for the new Fayetteville Police Department headquarters.

Earlier this week the City Council agreed to purchase land from the University of Arkansas for the $35-million project.

For nearly 30 years Fayetteville police have occupied a 25,000-square-foot facility on West Rock Street.

However, the department outgrew the former JC Penny building long ago.

"I was one of the ones that ended up changing in the hallways and had to make sure everything was clear," said Cpl. Dallas Brashears.

"We were just really cramped in, and we’ve done a lot of remodels in the space we have to make it efficient as possible, but we’re still severely lacking in space."

Thanks to a bond passed by voters this year that’s about to change.

The new headquarters will be built on nearly 12 acres of land near the northeast corner of Deane Street and Porter Road.

“We’re going to have a place that’s open to the public. It’s more accessible. We’re going to be able to teach classes; we’re going to be able to host classes, we’re going to be able to do all of our training on-site," Brashears said.

There are no renderings yet, but the plan is to build three buildings for the 80,000-square-foot complex.

“One will be about 55,000 square feet, and that’ll be the police building, another one will be a support building, I believe around 13,000 square feet, and the last will be an indoor range which is around 11,000 square feet," Sgt. Anthony Murphy said.

The 2019 bond issue also included funding for three new fire stations.

“We’re thankful for our people here in Fayetteville that passed this bond," Murphy said.

"The police department asked for the citizen's help, and they gave us that help, and we’re thankful for that, and we’ll continue giving them the best service that we can. The service that they expect out of their Fayetteville officers."

Under the agreement, the city will pay the university about $2.6 million.

The next step is getting approval for the land purchase by the university.

A meeting is scheduled for Sept. 12.

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