Video Shows Car Cruising Boston Interstate With Driver Asleep At The Wheel

BOSTON (WBZ) — It’s not a scene you want to see driving down a busy interstate.

A commuter on a Boston interstate looked over and caught a glimpse of a person asleep behind the wheel of a black car. His passenger was also asleep.

As it turns out, the vehicle was a Tesla with an auto-pilot mode, but the manufacturer warns that drivers should still be alert even when the car is in auto-pilot mode, reports our CNN and CBS affiliate WBZ out of Boston.

“It was just so strange and baffling” said Dakota Randall, who shot the video while driving through Newton on the highway. “I thought I saw somebody asleep at the wheel, but I wasn’t sure so I did a double-take. Sure enough there was somebody with his head right between his legs.”

Randall said he tried to wake them up by honking his horn, but it didn’t work.

“It was just so bizarre that I just had to get it on video, because it’s so strange,” he said. “They looked like they needed to go home and go to bed.”

Read more at WBZ.

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