Bella Vista POA Looking To Restrict Use Of Amenities To Non-Members

BELLA VISTA, Ark. (KFSM) — The Bella Vista Property Owners Association is asking residents to vote on an assessment increase that could also impact those who don’t own property.

Part of the 2020 plan would restrict access to certain amenities such as pools and lakes to members of the property owner’s association only and their guests.

“This is a member-only community. We kind of varied from that because usage of some of the amenities was down, but that just caused so much angst among a lot of the residents," Tom Candela, Bella Vista property owner said.

Judson, the Chief Operating Officer for the POA, says amenities like the tennis courts and golf courses would remain open to the public.

“Some of these amenities we allow non-members to use because it brings in money and it helps support money coming in from the outside supports our community," Judson said.

Lake rangers would be responsible for keeping people who don’t have a member card or guest card out.

Part of the $11 assessment increase will also pay for the costs of putting out the stump dump fire that plagued the city for months.

Ballots will be sent on October 9 and POA members have until November 19 to vote.

If the plan is approved, the assessment increase will go into effect on January 1. That’s also when access to those amenities will be closed to non-members.

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