Fayetteville Turns To Renewable Energy With Wastewater Treatment Plant Solar Arrays

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — Fayetteville is investing in renewable energy to power two of the city's wastewater treatment plants.

On Friday (Sept. 6), a "Flip the Switch" event was held at a solar farm near the Westside Water Treatment Facility.

The event celebrated the spark of one of the first large-scale systems of both solar arrays and on-site battery storage in the mid-South. Representatives with the city, Ozarks Electric Cooperative and Today's Power Inc. were all on-site.

The city will buy energy generated by the arrays at three solar farms placed around the city at a lower rate than they are currently spending. It's a move expected to save Fayetteville approximately $180,000 per year.

The battery storage facilities at the wastewater plants will store unused energy for use by Ozarks Electric. The stored energy will also be used by the wastewater plants when sunlight is low.

“This project demonstrates how Fayetteville’s progressive energy policies can drive market innovation and create collaborative partnerships. It will provide Fayetteville with cost-effective energy security while also protecting our environment,” said Peter Nierengarten, City of Fayetteville Environmental Director.

This project helps push Fayetteville towards its clean energy goals.

For more information about Fayetteville's Energy Action Plan, click here.

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