Harvest Full Moon Arrives On Friday The 13th: Cloud Forecast

Our next full moon comes across our night sky this Friday, which so happens to also be the 13th. This combination won’t repeat itself again until August 13th, 2049.


This full moon is a harvest moon, which means it is the closest full moon to the start of fall, or the Autumnal Equinox. This can take place in either September or October. It gets its name from farmers who are finishing their harvests in preparation for winter as the full moon’s glow lights up the fields late at night for extra working hours.


The moon will rise across western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma Friday evening near sunset.

Moonrise Time — 7:38PM CDT*

Position — Eastern Sky (101 degrees past true north)


The full moon will be a bit smaller than usual as it takes its farthest possible position, known as the Apogee, from Earth on its elliptical orbit.  The moon may seem a bit less bright and fractionally smaller.


A surface boundary will be draped across the Arkansas, helping to spark isolated showers and storms throughout Thursday night and Friday. These will leave residual clouds that may impact seeing the harvest moon locally.

The farther east you live locally, the better chance you have of seeing the rising moon in the eastern sky.


*Fayetteville, AR

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