Cup Thrown From Fayetteville Overpass Shatters Windshield

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — One local mother is picking up the pieces after a prank nearly turned deadly for her and her son.

What started as a normal day running errands took a frightening turn fast for Jennifer Wood.

She was driving down I-49 Sunday (Sept. 15) when her windshield shattered.

"If I had immediately panicked when it happened and swerved you know my son and I may have been killed," Wood said.

Wood says she saw two teenage boys standing on the Wedington overpass in Fayetteville one second, and the next a full to-go cup landed on her windshield.

"There were shards and actual pieces and they went from my dashboard all the way to the back of my SUV," Wood said.

Thinking fast, Wood pulled over as soon as possible, trying to avoid the cars speeding past her. She says her motherly instinct kicked in immediately when she saw glass pieces on her son in the back seat.

"He was crying he was upset and I immediately called 911 as I pulled over and I jumped out of the car to check him and make sure he was ok and get the glass off him and his car seat," Wood said.

The two responsible for dropping the cup off of the bridge ran away before the police arrived.

Wood says she is left feeling angry and hurt.

"I have cuts where I had to pull the slivers out, I was actually having to pull pieces out of my legs," Wood said.

Days after the incident, Wood says she is thankful her and her son are okay, but she has this message for whoever did this to them:

"Shame on you and I hope that you feel really bad for potentially harming me, my child and others that were out on the road that day," Wood said.

Wood says that she actually just bought her car a week ago and she will have to pay out of pocket to replace her windshield before she can get back behind the wheel.

The Fayetteville Police Department says this is an open and active investigation.

Whoever is responsible could face charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and assault.

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