Science With Sabrina: Coding Robots With Van Buren Schools

It’s amazing what kids can do these days. One local school is teaching their students how to code in order to prepare them for the future. In this week’s Science With Sabrina, Meteorologist Sabrina Bates checks out how Central Elementary in Van Buren is expanding their kids’ minds.

Kids are being introduced to computer programming earlier than ever before. And, it's not just for the big kids either. Kindergarteners are being taught how to code in school. They're telling robots to do simple tasks by using technology.

They have four different types of robots for K-5 to learn how to program.  These are the Code-A-Pillar, Ozobots, Dash, and Spheros. 

The kids learn the basics of coding. The younger ones understand directionality first. Then, they are introduced to color-coding. As their minds expand, they learn how to incorporate block coding.

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