With Dogs Facing Euthanization, Crowded Arkansas Shelter Issues Call For Adoptions

A crowded animal shelter in Arkansas says it will be forced to euthanize dogs if the animals are not adopted soon.

The Bald Knob Animal Shelter posted Tuesday on Facebook that it’s “way over our limit” on dogs. More than 35 are being cared for at the shelter, and some have been there for a year or longer.

The shelter said it will start sharing photos and biographies of the dogs beginning in October to help them find homes. The ones that aren’t adopted face euthanization.

“All of our babies deserve a loving and forever home, but they do not deserve having to fight for attention and love with each other,” the post says. “And they most definitely do not deserve to live so much of their life in a kennel.”

The post had been shared more than 237 times and received nearly 100 comments.

The shelter has also been short on dog food. It posted earlier Tuesday that the Cabot Animal Shelter had donated 12 bags of food that were “desperately needed.”

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