Fayetteville Rancher Creates App To Help Others Buy And Sell Livestock

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — A local rancher has created an app that allows you to buy a cow straight from your smartphone.

Tyler Beaver puts in a lot of hard work to raise and sell his livestock, now he has created a way to connect with others who do the same all over the nation.

Beaver is using Facebook to promote his business, but he says at the end of 2016 the social media platform added a new user agreement, no animal sales.

Nothing really changed right away, but Beaver then decided to create an app called Open Range.

"It's just an open platform where people can buy, sell and trade equipment and livestock and all that for the farmer and rancher," Beaver said.

Once Facebook began clearing out groups used for buying and selling livestock, Open Range began to take off, bringing in over 1,200 downloads a day.

The app works as a social media site where users have an open range to buy, sell and trade anything from cattle to farm equipment.

"Really it is agriculture and ranch and all that in one place," Beaver said.

Beaver says the new twist on an age-old profession has brought in positive feedback so far.

"You know, a lot of people like it because they have been banned by Facebook for selling a horse and you know after two or three times of going to Facebook jail they just delete your account altogether and you can’t be on Facebook," Beaver said.

He says as part of a newer generation of ranchers, he is proud to have developed something that gives people in the agriculture industry some freedom.

"It’s the modern era of selling for sure, you know it opens up the opportunity too to sell nationwide without going through a third party," Beaver said.

Outside of buying and selling animals, the app allows ranchers to post job openings and handmade goods.

Beaver says he no longer advertises for the app, but Open Range bring in around 200 downloads a day.

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