Hackett To Open Safe Space For Teens This Fall

HACKETT, Ark. (KFSM) — Sebastian County teens will soon have a place of refuge after school.

The Hackett Hornet's Nest will open in October and officials say it will provide a safe and fun environment for teens.

"We’re just building that bridge in between the children and the families. We’re here to step in between," said Kim Henry, one of the organizers behind the facility.

"When there’s no one we want to be that someone. We want to give them positive affirmation daily want to give them something hot to eat I want to give them an ear to listen to. Listen to whatever they have to say,” Henry said.

The idea emerged after several teen suicides in Sebastian County.

Henry became passionate about the project after her son, Daniel, and two other teens committed suicide last year.

"They’re old enough to be left home alone by themselves. But they don’t always want to be alone," Henry said. "They want to be with their friends but I need to have a place to hang out with their friends. And so this will be a place for them.”

Henry added: “In memory of (Daniel) this is my new baby. And so this has everything, it has my heart in it. Everything is in it.”

The Hornet's Nest will have a capacity of 65 and be open five days a week to teens between 13 and 19 years old.

There's already pool tables, arcade games and ping pong tables inside the facility, but donations are still needed.

Anyone who wants to donate can follow this link.

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