Arkansas Man Holds 2 Armed Men At Gunpoint Until Authorities Arrive

Greg Garreans (left) and Kip Swadley (right) charged with aggravated assault after approaching a man’s home with shotguns. (Photo: Baxter County sheriff’s office)

An Arkansas man held two armed men who approached his home at gunpoint until authorities arrived Thursday, the Baxter County sheriff’s office reported.

Deputies responded to 62 Ben Nevis Drive in Briarcliff, where they arrested Greg Garreans, 29, and Kip Swadley, 28. The two were reportedly carrying loaded shotguns, extra ammunition and a samurai-style sword.

Garreans told deputies that he believed his AR-style rifle had been stolen and taken to the Briarcliff address. Garreans, armed with a shotgun, knocked on the door and asked for the man he believed stole his rifle. Swadley stood in the driveway with a shotgun and a third man called “Alex” stood in the street holding the sword, according to the sheriff’s office.

The homeowner answered the door armed with a handgun and ordered Garreans to drop his weapon. Garreans complied, the homeowner disarmed Swadley and ordered both men to get on the ground. “Alex” reportedly fled the scene in the vehicle the trio arrived in.

The homeowner then called 911 to report the incident and held the men at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

Video surveillance footage confirms the statements given by the homeowner, according to the sheriff’s office.

Garreans and Swadley were charged with aggravated assault. They were being held at the Baxter County jail.

Investigators are still looking for the third suspect.

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