Local Lawmakers Comment On Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

Senators Tom Cotton, John Boozman, and Congressman Steve Womack.

ARKANSAS (KFSM) — After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday that she supports the Democratic-controlled House moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry, Arkansas lawmakers are sharing their opinions.

Congressman Womack said, “This announcement is unsurprising. Instead of governing, House Democrats have been obsessed with impeachment – it’s been their entire agenda. Now, they are moving forward with an inquiry without all the facts. Fueling hysteria and spreading unsubstantiated narratives is dangerous. Congress should be focused on the real challenges facing the nation.”

Senator Tom Cotton said, ““Despite an unprecedented act of transparency by the president in releasing the transcript of his call with a foreign leader, the Democrats nevertheless plunged headlong into their nonstop obsession with impeachment. I only wish they’d get the facts before jumping to a conclusion, while dedicating a fraction of the energy to improving the lives of Arkansans.”

Senator John Boozman took to Twitter to say, “The Senate voted unanimously to request that the whistleblower complaint be turned over to the Senate Intelligence Committee. This is the responsible manner in which to investigate accusations. The Speaker is ignoring this process with her blatantly partisan tactics. Democrats have long sought to weaken the president, appease their base and further divide the country through impeachment. This latest action demonstrates their willingness to blindly follow this obsession regardless of the facts.”

President Trump has also expressed outrage about the possibility of being impeached on Twitter.

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