Pet Ashes Stolen From Fort Smith Home


FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — A Fort Smith couple said thieves stole their pet’s ashes from their home. The intruders stole cash, knives, and a box with their pet’s ashes inside.

“They took a piggy bank that belonged to our grandson that we would save money for him in. They took change out of a glass fishbowl that we kept change in. They took a bag of collectible knives that she got from her father, like hunting knives and different knives. And they took my dog’s urns.” said homeowner  Valarie Faitala.

Later Faitala said she realized they had stolen two urns with her dog’s ashes.

“We had Marley, our miniature weenie dog for 11 years and then we had Wiley for 10 years. Our children have grown up with them as well and they are part of the family. This really really hits hard.” Said Valarie Faitala .

The couple said their home was burglarized on a Thursday while they were both at work. When Toni, Valarie’s wife, Got home she said she could tell someone had been in their house. She called police right away.

“I feel like we were robbed. I feel like my dogs were kidnapped. It’s just morally wrong and I want them home.” She said.

The couple had just moved into their new home at the beginning of September. They said the lock on the back door where the intruder entered had not been changed.

“There was no sign of forced entry anywhere so the police looked at the door jam and they believe the intruder used a key to get into our home.” She said.

Since the burglary, Valarie and Toni have changed all of their door locks and installed security cameras throughout the home. The one thing that is constantly on their minds is getting their dog’s urns back home where they belong.

“Everything they’ve taken I really don’t care about. That’s all material things and can be replaced but my dogs can’t. So, I want them back,” said Valerie.

Valarie said she started making flyers to pass out throughout her community and asks if anyone knows about the theft to call Fort Smith Police.

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