Science With Sabrina: Local Caves In Arkansas

How does a constant temperature year-round sound? You can find that inside our caves in Arkansas! Meteorologist Sabrina Bates teaches us a local geography lesson in this week’s Science With Sabrina.

We know that the Ozark Mountains run through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. But, you may not realize this: there's a 60 mile long fault line from when the mountains originally formed. This giant crack created the cave.

This began millions of years ago. A weak acid solution forms when the limestone minerals and water mix. This was strong enough to erode the crack and create pockets in the rock. The underground water system is so strong that caves can even have underground rivers; like here, where an aquifer formed a bottomless lake

The weather deep inside the cave is constant. The temperature is the average yearly outside temperature for the area. That means the cave should be near 58 or 59 degrees in this part of Arkansas.

However, this cave is unique. They opened up a hole at the back of the cave years ago. This increased the inside temperature to around 64 degrees, making it the warmest cave in the Ozarks. 

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