Mail Thief On The Loose In Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — Police are searching for a suspect they say stole mail from mailboxes in Fayetteville.

The phony mailman was captured on video taking mail from a box that wasn't his.

After rummaging through the victim's mailboxes, the suspect drove away in a truck.

Fayetteville Police say this is happening across town and not in just one specific area.

Sgt. Anthony Murphy says these thieves are usually looking for checks or credit cards.

"They’ll usually, well they’re looking for checks and stuff like that so they’ll take the checks out and they can wash the checks so then they’ll have that check and they can just write that check so it goes from a theft from a mailbox to forgery and things like that so the crimes escalate, so they aren’t just looking to steal mail they are looking to forge checks and things like that," Murphy said.

With the holiday season approaching, Murphy says it's a good idea to track packages and make sure you receive them as soon as they arrive.

If you know who this person, you're asked to contact Sgt. J. French at 479-587-3520.

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