Tulsa Diocese Releases List Of 11 Credibly Accused Clerics In Eastern Oklahoma

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma has released the findings of an internal audit that found 11 Catholic clerics had been “credibly accused of sexual abuse against a minor” since the diocese began in 1973.

Tulsa Bishop David Konderla released the report Wednesday after the diocese’s law firm audited all 544 diocesan personnel files over the last 46 years.

The report revealed that seven of the 11 named individuals are known to be deceased. Konderla noted no current priest or deacon in public ministry has been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor.

The 11 clerics listed include:

  • Fr. Harry Bartnik (Died Dec. 25, 2000)
  • Fr. Edmund Byrne (Died May 29, 1991)
  • Fr. Lawrence Courtright (Permanently Removed from Active Ministry on July 4, 2002)
  • Mr. Timothy Daley (Died Aug. 2, 2004)
  • Mr. Kenneth Lewis (Permanently Removed from Active Ministry on July 22, 2002; Dismissed from the Clerical State on June 13, 2007)
  • Fr. Vincent McGouldrick (Died Jan. 19, 1994)
  • Den. Sid Starr (Permanently Removed from Active Ministry in 2009)
  • Den. Morris Dale Vanderford (Removed from Active Ministry on Jan. 21, 1992; Died July 4, 1998)
  • Fr. John Jangam (Status Unknown)
  • Fr. James Greenwell, Third Order Franciscans (Died July 14, 2012)
  • Fr. Robert Poandl, Glenmary Home Missioner (Died Jan. 15, 2019)

The diocese did not include Rev. Joe Townsend, describing his internal investigation as “ongoing.” Townsend was suspended in July following a sexual misconduct claim. The diocese says Townsend denies any wrongdoing.

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