#RANDOMACTSOFPIZZA: Mistaken Order 2,200 Miles Away Spawns Acts Of Kindness

SAN ANTONIO (CNN) —  A mistaken pizza order leads to a viral pay-it-forward campaign.

It started with a Canadian fire department’s pizza order: 18 large pizzas for pickup.

The firefighters thought they were ordering from Alimo’s Pizza in Alberta. As it turns out, they mistakenly called Alamo’s Pizza instead — in San Antonio, Texas, more than 2,300 miles away.

“We offered to pay for it, and then started asking, where’s the local firehouse?” said Alex Pavcek, a firefighter with the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Fire Service in Canada.

They decided to pay it forward by donating the $300 order to two local fire stations in San Antonio. The lucky Texas firefighters then took to their Canadian counterparts’ Facebook page to post photos of themselves enjoying the free pizza.

Now, it’s become an international pay-it-forward campaign, with #RANDOMACTSOFPIZZA trending on Twitter, with people purchase and give random people pizza as an act of kindness.

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