LeFlore County 911 Center Running At Half Phase After Being Hit By Lightning

POTEAU, Okla. (KFSM) — One day after a lightning strike shut down the LeFlore County 911 center, operations are now running at half phase.

Thanks to generators, power is running at half of the standard rate.

Sheriff Rob Seale says the power will be fully restored Tuesday (Oct. 8) afternoon when Clifford Power Company in Tulsa brings and installs a new part.

Because the center is running at half phase, calls will be answered in Sequoyah County and then routed to LeFlore County, where the dispatch center will take care of paging, dispatching law enforcement and routing calls.

Lightning struck a generator at the center, causing an outage.

The center is located on South Broadway in Poteau.

Anyone with a non-emergency call can contact the LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office at (918) 647-2317.

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