Union Christian Academy Welcomes Back Students After Flood Damages

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — Fort Smith students have returned to Union Christian Academy after floods damaged the building in August.

Extensive repairs were needed, and thanks to volunteers, work was completed on schedule.

To students, their home away from home looks like a brand-new building.

“We have never been gladder to be home in our whole life. I joked around all morning that I'm so glad this is done because now we can get back to what’s important, and we can focus on our education of our kids," said Ross McBroome, Pastor of Fort Smith Baptist Fellowship Church.

When heavy rains hit, 80% of the school flooded, causing the academy to close because of possible contamination.

New walls, a fresh coat of paint, and shiny floors make the school safe again, and quick work by volunteers made it all possible.

“What we’re seeing here in Fort Smith is what we’ve seen all along throughout the flooding is that the community comes together when there’s trouble when there’s a need," Lt. Governor Tim Griffin said.

Students were able to attend classes at local churches while the school was being repaired.

Volunteers, including kids and parents, showed up to help move desks, cabinets, and other items out of classrooms.

“All these volunteers came together. All the different groups that donated. All the people that came in on their days off and time off and gave of themselves. They helped pull this off, and the Lord used them in such a mighty way. It’s been such a blessing to see it," McBroome said.

More than $44,000 was donated by the community to help cover the cost of repairs.

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