Man Arrested For Vandalizing Several Parts of Booneville With Hate Symbols

BOONEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — 23-year-old Devin Mullen of Paris, Arkansas, was arrested after police say he vandalized several areas in Booneville. Pictures show the graffiti included symbols that support white supremacy.

Devin Mullen. (Photo Courtesy: Booneville Police Department)

According to the Booneville Police Department, the side of a business in the downtown Booneville area was vandalized in late September. The graffiti included what appears to be 'SS Bolts' and a swastika.

Sergeant Smith, with the Booneville Police Department, was able to come up with possible suspects following an investigation of the scene.

He then noticed several spots on 1st Street in Booneville had also been vandalized with graffiti. On September 26, Booneville police were notified of similar graffiti that had been painted at the park in downtown Booneville.

Police had not been able to locate any suspects at this point.

On October 4, Mullen was arrested at Mercy Hospital in Booneville for a warrant with the Booneville Police Department.

Mullen was later questioned by the Logan County Sheriff's Office about a shooting that left a woman injured in Magazine, Arkansas.

While speaking with Logan County investigators, Mullen confessed to vandalizing the Booneville downtown area and businesses.

Mullen was charged with five counts of criminal mischief.

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