Family Issues Leave Future Of Stewart Family Christmas Display Uncertain

WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) — The future of a popular Christmas display in Washington County is uncertain after the family said they are dealing with personal issues.

Carlin Stewart said things are "still to be determined" regarding the display, but he said there is still a chance the display could happen this year.

The uncertainty centers around the family, and not around demands from Washington County, contrary to rumors that have spread recently through social media.

County officials have told 5NEWS they are not trying to end the display, despite posts on platforms such as Facebook that have said otherwise.

County officials did reach out to the Stewart family in February to discuss concerns from neighbors who have difficulty getting in and out of their houses during the display due to high traffic volumes. The officials said they discussed possible solutions to the traffic issues, but they didn't issue any ultimatums to the family, nor did they demand the display be shut down.

They had not heard from the family since then, and they have not asked the family recently to shutter the display, the officials said.

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