Hunters Look Forward To Upcoming Muzzleloader Season

ARKANSAS (KFSM) — Deer hunters have a big weekend ahead of them as Muzzleloader season opens Saturday (Oct. 19).

Bow season began less than a month ago and avid hunter Landon Marion says he's looking forward to changing things up.

"When Muzzleloader gets here I look forward to it, to get to put the bow down and pick up a gun and maybe give myself an advantage on getting one," Marion said.

Marion has been hunting for almost two decades and says he's been in the woods quite a bit so far this year, even getting a doe with his bow.

He says most of his time in the woods right now is for observation because the deer come out more when the temperatures drop.

"With a Muzzleloader, I’m going to be able to shoot something farther away if I need to. With a bow, I’m constantly trying to get close enough," Marion said. "I’m not being able to shoot some because they are too far. So tomorrow morning I’ll have a Muzzleloader and if I see one I’m going to have a good chance of getting one."

Travis Mintz with Gelco wants to remind all hunters to wear their orange vest and hat.

"Always have your safety on when you are carrying it through the woods and be mindful of what’s around you, don’t just shoot anything that you see," Mintz said. "Make sure there are no hunters behind you or beside you that you may have to interfere or rickashay or something like that."

Marion says starting tomorrow, he's on the looking for a trophy buck. His biggest piece of advice for hunters is just to enjoy it.

"It’s God’s creation, just go out there. No hunt is wasted. It’s not a waste of time to just go out there and enjoy the peace and quiet, the fresh air. My favorite thing is just the sunrise coming up and just being out there and enjoying the time," Marion said.

Muzzleloader season is only open for nine days and then modern gun season opens on Nov. 9.

Deer seasons and limits by zone can be found on the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission website and Arkansas Hunting Seasons can be found here.

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