Severe Storms Likely Tonight

This image shows future radar for 1am.

Expect showers and thunderstorms to break out along a cold front late on Sunday night into the early morning hours on Monday.

Damaging winds will be the highest threat but a few storms will likely pose a tornado risk. Shear (winds turning with speed and direction with height) is high so it’s likely a few storms will be able to tap into the shear and be capable for a brief tornado or two.

The tornadoes would be embedded on the squall line or “spin-up” tornadoes as they’re known around our area.

Most of our area is under an enhanced risk for storms or a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Rain will also be heavy. We’re thinking most places will pick up at least an inch with some locations over 2″. The faster nature of the front will preclude significant flash flooding.

Most of the rain will be exiting the area on Monday morning but a few showers and thunderstorms may linger into the morning drive. This is especially true for the River Valley and south.


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