Newlywed’s Beaver Shores Dream Home Destroyed During Tornado

BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KFSM) — Rogers newlyweds are among the few who lost everything during Monday (Oct. 21) morning’s tornado after a tree fell into their house.

Lindsey and Josh Cobb are thankful to be alive after a massive tree fell into their Beaver Shores house landing just feet away from their bed.

Unlike many people with damage, they will probably not be able to save any of their house and will have to rebuild from the ground up.

“There was a minute where I didn’t know where he was and whether he had made it through the storm, whether any of us were going to make it. I was yelling come downstairs, wait stay upstairs. With all the noise and commotion, you don’t know what’s best to do,” Lindsey said.

The Cobb’s have been renovating their dream home in Beaver Shores for two years, with Josh doing most of the work himself after working at his full-time job.

“It’s just unreal still. Every time I pull up and look at the house, it shocks me all over again and I don’t know how that’s ever going to go away,” the couple said.

During the tornado, a massive tree fell through their roof crashing into their master bedroom where Lindsey was.

“If that tree would’ve fell 10 feet the other way, we wouldn’t be here right now. So we are mostly thankful that everything happened the way it did,” Lindsey said.

Luckily, Lindsey, Josh and all of their pets were safe, but their dream home is in shambles. The couple just got married last month.

“It’s hard to picture this is how it was going to turn out so quick. We were ready for the challenges and the struggles but we didn’t realize. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, so hopefully this will be our biggest…”

Most everything inside their house was destroyed except her grandmother's China that they were gifted, it was untouched.

They both say the material things they lost are nothing compared to what could’ve been lost.

“It’s really hard to not know what’s next but I know we are going to be okay. We have a lot of support on our side and we are really thankful for everyone who is on our team. I thank God to be here to be alive to make this happen again and this chance to rebuild.”

They say they are thankful to their families, friends, bosses and people they’ve never even met who have helped them and checked in on them since the storm.

If you would like to help out the Cobb’s you can donate to their GoFundMe or give to their Venmo (ellemeador13) or CashApp (bosscobbs) accounts.

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