Rainy Start, Windy And Misty Evening

Scattered showers will continue throughout Wednesday morning and into the early afternoon. It will taper off later today but cold northwest winds from 10-15MPH (gusts near 25 MPH) are expected to pick up and drop temperatures below freezing late tonight. Some of the low cloud cover and mist expected late tonight could give us a few snowflakes.



We'll stay in the 40s and low 50s today with clouds and showers moving across Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Showers will slowly dwindle throughout the day but on-and-off mist could continue.

Late this evening a few snowflakes could mix in with some of the ending mist. By Thursday morning, the precipitation should be leaving with eventually more sunshine later on Halloween Day. It will be chilly all Thursday.


We'll be dry, but windy and cold conditions could make it a raw Halloween night for trick-or-treating.


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