Arkansas Panel Approves Pay Raises For Appellate Judges

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas appellate judges are getting a pay raise.

The state increased pay for the 12 appeals court judges by $2,500 plus a 2.5% bump that adjusts to cost of living. The judges are currently paid $169,671 annually, except for the chief judge, who is paid $172,298.

The Arkansas Independent Citizens Commission approved the raises Wednesday after concluding appellate judges should have an even higher salary than circuit judges. Circuit judges make $168,096 annually.

Commissioner Annabelle Imber Tuck says the pay gap is too small to incentivize judges to seek higher office.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that the resolution takes effect after a 10-day public comment period.

The resolution raised Supreme Court justices’ pay from $174,294 annually to $181,860. The chief justice’s salary would increase from $189,108 to $196,398.

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