Vendors Bring The Holiday Spirit To The Bentonville Square For Toyland

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — It might feel like holiday whiplash to go from Halloween to Christmas, but toys and kids are taking over the Downtown Bentonville Square for this year's Toyland.

It's a chance for kids to get a look at the newest toys of the holiday season.

"This will be a blast, you can actually get your hands on every exciting toy from your favorite characters from all Disney films this year," said Curtis Northcutt, a sales manager for the Walt Disney Company.

From Hot Wheels to Barbie, there's a little something for every kid. The newest part of this year's event is an interactive show with Ryan's Mystery Playdate, but also making their first Toyland is appearance is the Compound King's slime truck. They say being invited to Toyland is an honor.

"We are really happy and honored to be here amongst huge other names. It’s really exciting, and we hope the kids have a great time," said project coordinator Alexa Molnar.

From new vendors to ones who have attended for many years, they all agree that Toyland is an event families shouldn't miss.

"It’s great for kids to come out and see what all exciting and fun toys and all these great vendors that Walmart has picked for the products they have on their shelves. The kids get to interact and see all the new and fun things, and it’s a great day to be out and have fun," said Marc Schinderman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Playmobil.

Toyland will go until 8 p.m. Friday on the Bentonville Square.

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