Local Boy Honored For Bravery During House Fire

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — The Fayetteville Fire Department honored a young Farmington boy for his courage in the face of a destructive house fire.

12-year-old Jakobe Gibson not only saved his own life, but the life of his family dog by escaping just in time.

"I have no doubt, that had Jakobe not followed through with what he had learned and took the action that he took, that uh, the story would be much different. Much different," said Fayetteville Fire Battalion Chief Jeremy Ashley.

Jakobe Gibson woke up on Saturday morning, alone, to find his house on fire.

"There was smoke everywhere, and I woke up to the smoke detector, I'm pretty sure," Jakobe said.

Without hesitation, Jakobe looked for a way out, taking the family dog along with him.

"I grabbed her by the collar, I crouched, went down, went out the doors, and everything, and went out the garage door, ran out there," Jakobe said.

He ran next door to call 911 and his parents.

"I'd like to encourage people to get to know your neighbors. Get to know them because they were our saving grace," Jakobe's mother Cristy Moore said.

His parents sang praises to their son after his brave effort to save himself and the dog.

"He's our hero. He is amazing. Yeah, if it would've happened to me I would've freaked out," Moore said.

Ashley says Jakobe's courage and strength inspired the fire department to present him this week with an official award – recognizing his heroics.

"Not only heard what we taught him, but put it into practice. And when he put that into practice, it made a difference for him," Ashley said.

The family is receiving help from family, friends and the community during this time.

"You know, appreciate the people that you have in your life because you never know when something like this is gonna happen because it's devastating," Moore said.

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