Lady Razorbacks Basketball Wins Big On Elementary Day

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — The Lady Razorbacks started their basketball season Friday (Nov. 8) and thousands of people filled the stands.

They weren't just your typical fans though, it was elementary students from across Northwest Arkansas

Excited students took a field trip down to the pig trail to watch the game for elementary day at Bud Walton Arena.

The Lady Razorbacks invited local elementary schools out to their season opener and teachers say it's their favorite field trip.

“We love to share this with them and get them excited and stuff and then they know more about the Razorbacks and Arkansas,” one teacher said.

When students found out they were coming to the game they made sure they were prepared.

“When our teacher told us I was so excited I even made signs,” a student said.

When game day finally arrived they were filled with joy. Some kids walked into the arena for the very first time and were filled with awe.

“It’s beautiful, nice, the floors are beautiful.”

Others walked in ready to cheer on those hogs.

Many schools use Elementary Day for different reasons. Some use the game as a way to promote physical activity while others say they're giving kids the chance to go to their first game.

Cindy Castello says she uses the game as a teaching opportunity for her third-grade students.

“The kids come back and keep talking about the game and I tell them you can be on that court and play basketball or cheer or even be a reporter, it’s a good way for them to stay motivated and realize they can get there," Castello said.

The kids cheered the hogs on the whole game and led the Lady Razorbacks to victory.

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