Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton Speaks Out About Bolivian President’s Resignation

(ARKANSAS) — After the resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales, Arkansas Tom Cotton released the following statement:

“The Bolivian people resisted Evo Morales‘s attempt to tamper with their constitution, and now they’ve rejected his theft of an election. They have called for an end to Morales’s 14-year assault on Bolivia’s democratic institutions. Now they can chart a future of their own.”

Morales stepped down Sunday (Nov. 10) after being accused of election fraud. Demonstrators and the Bolivian opposition accused electoral authorities of manipulating vote counts in favor of Morales.

Demands for his resignation went on all weekend. Finally, the head of the Bolivian Armed Forces, Cmdr. Williams Kaliman asked Morales to step down in order to restore stability and peace.

Morales posted a statement on Twitter that read:

“We have been in the government for 13 years, nine months and 18 days thanks to the unity and the will of the people, we are accused of dictatorship by those who lost to us in so many elections. Today Bolivia is a free country, a Bolivia with inclusion, dignity, sovereignty and economic strength.”


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