Drastic Weather Change On The Way

Major weather changes are coming beginning on Monday and affecting us through the week. Sunday will be the last perfect fall day for quite some time because winter weather arrives tomorrow.



High temperatures will climb into the upper 60s and into the low 70s for today. A breeze from the south will keep us warm with plenty of sunshine. A few clouds will start to trace in later tonight ahead of the cold front.


The cold front sinks into the area overnight. The cold front is strong and will drop the temperatures around 30 to 40 degrees. However, there isn't ample moisture. Most of the precipitation will be light.


Sunday overnight: Light rain, breezy, 50s

Monday morning: Widespread cold rain, breezy, 40s

Monday midday: Transition to rain/sleet in NW Arkansas, cold rain in River Valley, north winds 15-20MPH, 30s/40s

Monday afternoon: Wintry mix in NW Arkansas, very cold rain in River Valley, north winds 15-20MPH, 20s/30s

Monday night: Precipitation moves out, north winds 15-20MPH, 10s/20s

Any wintry mix will be light. Accumulations will be minor north of the tunnel, in Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, and higher elevations. The wintry mix could be rain, sleet, or snow. Bridges and overpasses could become slick. The transition from a cold rain to a wintry mix begins late morning. As more cold air filters in, the transition will continue until after dinnertime.

Once the precipitation has moved out, the temperatures plummet. Morning lows on Tuesday will be in the teens and 20s. However, strong winds from the north will cause a wind chill in the single digits for some.


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