Fort Smith Neighborhood On Alert After Windows Shattered By BB Gun

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — People in one Fort Smith community said they’re being targeted by someone damaging and shooting at their homes with a BB gun. The reports come from the neighborhoods on the northside of Fort Smith.

Josh Martin lives on North Albert Pike Avenue and said his daughter first noticed the damage to their home just feet from where they were sitting.

“My daughter came in and said hey dad our glass is breaking and I said what are you talking about?” Martin said. “I didn’t see it at first so I had to move my blinds out of the way and saw what looks like a bb gun maybe.”

Martin believed the damage, a small round hole in the center with cracks across the entire pane, could be from a high-powered BB gun.

Martin’s wife wrote a post on Facebook about what happened only to find out they were not the only target.

Over the span of two days and just a mile apart Susan Celestine had a similar experience, but on her car window.

“I was mad because I was just getting ready to take it to the shop to have it fixed and now I’m going to have to get the window fixed too,” Celestine said.

Celestine said she has heard of multiple other reports in her areas as well. Both Celestine and Martin filed police reports hoping an investigation can lead to whoever is responsible.

“It has happened quite a bit in the neighborhood from what I heard after filing the police report,” Martin said. “That’s concerning and the fact that they don’t know who or what or why.”

Fort Smith police said this isn’t the first time they’ve seen cases like this one.

Celestine said she hopes who did this act understands the damage and inconvenience they have caused complete strangers.

“It upsets me because they are damaging other people’s property,” Celestine said. “I am a single parent and I try to do what I can do and now I have to worry about trying to get the money to get the window fixed.”

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