Man In Van Buren Reunites With His Dog After 18 Months Apart

VAN BUREN, Ark (KFSM) -- A Van Buren Man was reunited with his lost dog after 18 long months of waiting. Terry Wells was reunited with his dog Blue by pure coincidence!

It was January of 2018 when Blue disappeared. Wells thought that Blue had just wandered off, possibly chasing coyotes.

It was the break of a lifetime, when Wells, working as a contractor for Almost Home Shelter & Rescue, noticed something from familiar from the dogs.

"We were looking in the back and I saw this little stubby tail, running back. And, just something caught my attention," said Terry Wells.

Sure enough, it was Blue.

"It was like finding a long lost kid. You know, I was just shocked. I didn't think I'd ever see her again," said Wells.

While at the shelter, Blue was never adopted. She was found and brought to the shelter two months after leaving Wells' property. 18 months went by and Blue was still waiting for Wells to come find her.

"And I think that's for a purpose, for a reason because her owner was still looking for her," said Almost Home worker Jo Banhart.

After a long-awaited embrace, Wells and Blue are finally headed home together.

"Everything's ready for her. Bedding's in. I have a bigger place to put her in now before she ran off. And we're going to play with her for a while," said Wells.



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