One Fayetteville Bike Club Helps Member’s Family With Fundraiser

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark (KFSM) -- Fayetteville Wheelmen and Columbus House Brewery hosted a bike ride fundraiser for Austin King, the 17-year-old who was shot in the neck in September.

Austin's dad, Kevin, said his son has been moved from intensive care in Washington County Regional to Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Austin suffered a spine injury, leaving him paralyzed. Craig Hospital specializes in spinal cord rehabilitation.

"They're the best spinal rehab institute in the nation and we're blessed that he got accepted there," said Kevin King.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting. Both are juveniles and are facing serious charges.

Today's fundraiser featured raffle tickets and small item prizes. All the proceeds go towards Austin's non-reimbursable medical costs. Donations came in strong with hundreds of tickets sold and well over 50 people there for support. Organizers of the ride jumped at the chance to help the King family.

"A perfect opportunity to help Kevin and his son, who just is devastated by what had happened to him, and just to see everybody show out, all the activity, it's just fantastic," said Christy Colville-King, lead planner of the fundraising ride.

Kevin couldn't help but appreciate all the love and support from his friends and the community.

"People just want to help. They just want to do something, anything. And this is an example. I mean these guys don't have to do this," said King.

The weather was perfect for the occasion. A great time to be outside.

There were three different routes planned for different preferences. For speedsters, a 40-mile ride. For those looking for an easier Sunday workout, a 22-mile ride. And for those who were looking for something quick and simple, a 12-mile ride.

The tragedy struck the family in September. King says this group of riders are like family and he is forever grateful.

"Just remember that kindness and goodness and love and outreach is beautiful, and anyone can do it. it just takes a little effort and these guys understand it and demonstrate it every day," said King.

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