Active Thanksgiving Week Weather

Active weather will continue for the rest of the week with numerous rounds of rain and even the possibility for a few strong to severe thunderstorms.

There are three main events to watch:

  1. Rain/Strong Front Tuesday Night
  2. Thanksgiving/Black Friday Rain
  3. Severe risk late Friday

  • Rain will arrive in the area during the day on Tuesday as a warm front lifts to the north. The could be areas of drizzle during the day on Tuesday with very breezy south winds gusting upwards of 40mph. The cold front will move across the area in the 7pm-10pm time-frame and there could be a few severe thunderstorms along the front. It currently appears the best chance for severe weather will be in Central Arkansas.

  • By Thanksgiving day, a cold rain will be underway for most of the day. Temperatures on Thursday will only be in the 40s but will be increasing as a warm front lifts across Arkansas and Oklahoma. Rain will be common along and ahead of the warm front. A few thunderstorms will be possible as well. Expect numerous waves of rain on Thanksgiving into Black Friday. Notice the snowstorm underway to our north in Nebraska and North Kansas. Also notice the high rainfall totals in the Wednesday-Saturday time-frame. Flash flooding could also be a concern due to heavy rain on saturated soils.

  • Expect a severe weather event on Friday night across the southern plains. Currently, it appears the strongest of the thunderstorms will take place across Texas and Oklahoma. I’ve circled the area which appears most favorable for tornadoes on Friday night. These storms will eventually work their way north into our area overnight and could continue to pose a severe thunderstorm threat.

Cooler weather and clearing skies are expected for the upcoming weekend.




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