Fort Smith Family Loses Everything In House Fire

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — A devastating fire has destroyed one woman's home in the River Valley.

Christina Arroyo and her nephew made it out safely, but she lost everything inside her home.

Arroyo woke up early Monday (Nov. 25) morning to say goodbye to her family before they left for work. She laid back down in bed around 5 a.m. and that's when she smelled smoke and saw flames underneath her bedroom door.

She quickly got her nephew and several dogs out of the house before everything inside was destroyed.

Fort Smith firefighters arrived shortly after the call came in and put the fire out. Arroyo says the home had no smoke detectors.

“There was no smoke detectors at all, but the landlord is trying to work with us," Arroyo said. "He had an available house thank God, where we're able to move in the same day. He put the rent down, multiple hundred dollars for the first several months so we can get back on our feet. He handed us two hundred dollars and said 'here you go, I’m sorry.' He is trying to work with us it’s just a crappy situation all around.”

Fort Smith firefighters say the cause of the fire was electrical and involved an extension cord.

Arroyo says not only did she lose all of her belongings, but she also lost her five kittens during the fire.

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