Almost 20 Cars Vandalized In Fort Smith In One Night

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — More than a dozen cars were vandalized in one night in Fort Smith, some had dents or scratches and some had broken windshields.

“Obviously, it was someone up to meanness,” Connie Anderson said.

Anderson’s daughters-in-law’s car was parked on the street in front of their house. She came outside Monday (Nov. 25) and found SUV had scratches on the side and the tail light was broken.

She says in the 40 years she’s lived in south Fort Smith nothing like this has ever happened.

“Just to go around throwing rocks at cars or whatever and do damage for no reason whatsoever right here so close to the holidays, it always makes it seem so worse,” Anderson said.

In a neighborhood off Highway 71 is where half of the reports of vandalism are from.

Lieutenant Don Cobb says about twice a year they’ll see a rash of vandalism like they did here.

“A lot of times we see this happen with pellet guns," Cobb said. "Somebody will get a pellet gun, drive by and shoot at windows. It is uncommon that this many instances will happen at once, but it is something we see on occasion.”

One of the victims says a rock hit his back windshield, doing a lot of damage to the SUV parked in front of their house.

“Because they do it from a window there is generally no physical evidence," Cobb said. "It is extremely difficult to get fingerprints or any latent information off a rock, simply because the way rocks are made and the way human fingerprints work.”

Fort Smith Police ask that you call them if you have any information about these crimes.

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