Last Minute Shoppers Prepare For Thanksgiving

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KFSM) — As the day before Thanksgiving comes to an end some shoppers headed to the grocery store to make sure they’re prepared for one of the biggest cooking days of the year.

Whether you're grabbing one ingredient or picking up an entire list, you're not alone. There has been steady foot traffic in and out of the Harp's in Springdale all in the spirit of good food for the holiday.

“It’s almost Thanksgiving and I’ve got to be prepared because I’ve got about 30 people coming to my home tomorrow so I am getting ready for the big day,” said shopper Janet Taff.

Whether you're hosting 30 people or serving three a Thanksgiving meal takes lots of preparation and for some, that means a last-minute late-night trip to the local grocery store.

“I am usually a last-minute person because I never know what I am putting together, my husband is much more prepared than I am so this was my last-minute side dish that I am going to throw together,” said shopper Tori Willems.

Stores like Harp's have been busy all day with hurried shoppers looking for all the Thanksgiving necessities. Even though it's just hours until turkey day, it's not too late to pick up a bird.

“The day before is definitely the craziest day of the year for any store, I can't imagine trying to get a turkey today and making sure it is thawed before you cook it,” Willems said.

Many people raced in with a list to streamline their last-minute trip but Taff says she knows it all by heart.

“It's all right here in my head, no I don’t make a list and I am last minute but I am trying to get better because I am going to start cooking tonight I think,” Taff said.

Some shoppers say no matter how far in advance you plan on a holiday like Thanksgiving you just never know how many people will end up at the table.

“Life happens we all work, we can't always plan everything and then you always have your last-minute guests show up so you are like I got to get more rolls I got to get more things for more people,” Willem said.

The Harp's on Sunset Avenue in Springdale will be open tomorrow for holiday hours, as will many grocery stores across the area, just in case you missed any ingredients on your shopping list.

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