Protecting Your Christmas Lights From Weather Damage

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — With Thanksgiving now over, many people are putting up their Christmas lights. Storms, wind and rain could cause some problems for homeowners trying to keep their lights up all the way through Christmas.

David Gretzmier owns The Lighting Master in Washington County. Gretzmier has worked in the holiday light display business for two decades and he has suggestions on how to stay safe and keep your display sturdy.

Gretzmier says a major rule to follow when putting up your own lights is to avoid the roof altogether.

"We never recommend getting on a roof when it is wet or icy," Gretzmier said. "Even though it looks like shingles are safe it is really not."

Gretzmier says to wear non-slip shoes and work from a ladder to avoid falling.

Another suggestion from the pro is to keep where you plug things into power out of puddles and away from the ground.

"The number one service call we get from weather would be when water gets inside plugs," Gretzmier said. "Water is your biggest enemy when it come to electricity."

Strong winds can test how stable your light display is. Gretzmier says replacing the light clips you use every other year or as they weaken is extremely important.

"The part that grips the top of the shingle will eventually break and that happens when it is exposed to the sun for too many years and it gets brittle," Gretzmier said.

Another issue Gretzmier says people run into is plugging too many strands of lights together. Gretzmier suggests connecting as many strands as possible to a power strip or extension cord.

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