Texas Man Accused Of Forcing Woman’s 7-Year-Old Son Into Hot Shower, Burning 26% Of His Body

John Terrell (L), Roekeicha Brisby (R). (Photo Courtesy: KHOU)

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A mother of a 7-year-old boy and her boyfriend have each been charged with injury to a child.

Authorities said John Terrell, 27, forced the boy to get into a hot shower, causing burns to more than 25% of his body. Authorities said Terrell made the child get into the hot shower as punishment for getting a bad grade at school.

After making the boy get into the hot shower, according to court documents, Terrell took him to a bedroom where he spanked and choked him.

Roekeicha Brisby is accused of not taking her son to get treatment until three days after the incident.

Detectives said Brisby fabricated a story to make it seem like the boy was burned during a cooking accident.

Terrell and Brisby are both due to appear in court on Monday.

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