Teen Writes Christmas Program For Bentonville Church

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — A local church is preparing for their annual Christmas program, and this year the show was written by a teenager who says he's excited to share the story of Christmas.

The program was written by 16-year-old Luke Wilkerson. It's the second play he has ever written.

He says it's a modern twist on the story of Christmas and hopes everyone who watches will connect to it.

"We're really relating it to today, like seeing how I would feel if I was seeing this story take place in real life in front of me," Luke Wilkerson said.

For him, the program is a family affair. He stars alongside his sister, and his dad is directing.

Wilkerson wrote the play.

"I can experiment a little more with the writing, I can have a little bit more fun with some of the ideas I've had," Luke Wilkerson said.

His sister Anna says the story is joyful and hopes the audience can take a second to pause and reflect on the reason behind the holiday season.

"There's a lot of joy behind it, and it's a very fun show, and it's upbeat and reminds me of the joy of Christmas and to stop and remember that through the hustle and bustle you can still feel joy and be happy," Anna Wilkerson told 5NEWS.

The show has taken months to prepare. With the performance day approaching, the cast is ready to show what they have been working so hard on.

"It's always gonna feel a little nervous until the show, but I think everyone is doing such a good job with what they've been given to perform, and everyone is enjoying the process that's happening," Luke Wilkerson said.

While the church is putting on the program, they want others to know that all are welcome.

"It's more than just our church we are hoping to bring together. We are hoping to bring the whole entire community of Northwest Arkansas to come and experience a wonderful evening of Christmas celebration," Senior Pastor of the Bethel Baptist Church Michael Goering said.

The show is this Saturday (Dec. 7) at Bethel Baptist Church in the Activity Center and admission is free.

There are two showtimes, one starting at 2 p.m. and the other at 6 p.m.

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