With New Five-Year Plan On The Horizon, Arkansas Children’s Ready To Implement ‘Both And’ Strategy

(TB&P) — Arkansas Children’s is about to open up a new phase of addressing children’s health as part of a new five-year plan that will include everything from the last five years and more.

Marcy Doderer, Arkansas Children’s CEO, said that a five-year campaign to improve access points has been wildly successful – and it will continue – but she said that larger overall health issues must be improved.


“The last five years we worked on a vision that stated we wanted to fundamentally transform healthcare delivery for kids in Arkansas. What that means is, the delivery system – the clinics, the number of physicians, the hospitals, all the infrastructure that goes into taking care of kids – and we have made great strides in that. We have, I think, increased access points and certainly been able to grow volumes, and bring in more providers,” she said.

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