The City Of Fayetteville Honors Fallen Officer Throughout The Week

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark (KFSM) -- For Fayetteville PD and the family of officer Stephen Carr this week has been most painful.

Just five days ago the police scanners announced that shots had been fired and that an officer was down. As police from the area and other emergency response raced to the Fayetteville police station, the scene around Fayetteville’s downtown square turned from holiday happiness to sirens and alarm.

Saturday night, December 7, will go down in Fayetteville as one of the worst nights in the city’s history.

“The suspect came into the back parking lot and just executed my officer," said Fayetteville Police Chief Mike Reynolds hours after the shooting.

Corporal Seay Floyd and Officer Natalie Eucce came out to find Officer Stephen Carr shot inside of his cruiser. Sunday morning Fayetteville Police Chief Mike Reynolds held a press conference to lay out the details of this forgettable night.

“Last night was definitely the worst night in the history of the Fayetteville PD," said Reynolds.

As the weekend passed, Monday and Tuesday brought mourning and signs of respect to the 27-year-old and his service to Fayetteville. On Monday, Officer Carr was transported to the state crime lab in Little Rock. Police throughout the state lined the highway in his honor. Friends of Stephen Carr spoke about who he was as a person and how much of a positive impact he had on those around him.

“To see the kind of man he grew into and the kind of career path he chose which is a hard career path these something that he should be lifted up for. He was a hero,” said Riley Donovan, Officer Carr's high school friend.

Tuesday night, business owners, and Fayetteville as a whole, celebrated the life of Stephen Carr with a candlelight vigil.

“Tonight as the mayor, I have never been prouder of this city in all of my life," said Mayor Lioneld Jordon.

Wednesday night, the city glowed in a blue light remembering the fallen officer.  A visitation for members of the community and a quiet ride by officers around Fayetteville left many praising the life of Officer Stephen Carr.

“I have a family member that serviced with Steven on the force and it really hit close to home on Saturday night,” said Lindley Snowden.

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