AP Count: Majority Of House Supports Trump’s Impeachment

President Donald Trump is on track to be impeached by the House with the majority now in favor ahead of voting.

That’s according to a running tally compiled by The Associated Press.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is all but certain to have the numbers to impeach as debate begins Wednesday.

No Republicans have indicated they will support impeachment, setting up a party line vote.

Trump is angrily objecting to the impeachment charges, accusing Democrats of “perversion of justice and abuse of power” in their effort to remove him from office.

In a fiery letter Tuesday to Pelosi, he insists he did nothing wrong.

Congressman Steve Womack said, “House Democrats have been obsessed with removing President Trump from office since his election. This impeachment inquiry has been anything but fair, failed to meet the very standards outlined by Speaker Pelosi herself, and proven to be nothing more than a pre-determined, partisan vendetta. In fact, more than 100 Democrats voted for impeachment before the July phone call in question even took place. It’s not about the facts – it’s about politics. I regret that these baseless accusations have not only deeply divided our nation, but also blocked progress on the people’s work.”

Representative Bruce Westerman released the following statement:

“The impeachment vote should surprise no one because House Democrats always made it clear this was their end goal. The Speaker herself said earlier this month that impeachment has been two and a half years in the making. They’ve been a party in search of a problem, designing a scripted, one-sided process to back up their accusations, which is why I do not support articles of impeachment. In the midst of this Washington circus, President Trump continues providing economic wins for the American people. Congress would do well to be part of the solution by addressing America’s most pressing problems, like immigration and high prescription drug and health care costs.”

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